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Each student needs a 2" binder or larger for English class.  Within that binder there needs to be four (4) dividers: Grammar, Literature, Writing, and Vocabulary.  These dividers may be in any order of the student's choosing.  Listed below are handouts that must be maintained in the binder and under what section.  The order that the handouts are listed is the order in which they must be placed in the binder.

English III students will have a 5th divider for their ACT Prep paperwork.  This divider should be the last section (back) of their binder.


In the front prior to the dividers:

Zip lock bag with flashcards

Junior High Bell Schedule

High School Bell Schedule

Troy Matrix

Internet Log

Class Syllabus

Extended Time Deadline Due Dates (if applicable can be found on the Important Dates link)


Literature Section:

Handouts for this section will be arranged in Unit order.  They will also be arranged in the order that they are covered in class.  These handouts will be mixed with notes taken in class.  Go to the link for the specific class to locate the handouts.


Writing Section:

Book Speech Directions (can be found on the Book Speech link)

Book Speech Modification Directions if applicable (can be found on the Book Speech link)

Book Speech Due Dates (can be found on the Important Dates link)

Early Book Speech Due Dates (can be found on the Important Dates link)

JH ONLY - Parentheses Notes (Handwritten)

JH ONLY - Colon/Semicolon Notes (Handwritten)

JH ONLY - Apostrophe Notes

JH ONLY - Typing Assignment Setup

JH ONLY - Poetry Finalized

JH ONLY - Quotation Punctuation Notes (Handwritten)

JH ONLY - Cursive Reference Packet


Grammar Section:

Noun Notes (Handwritten)

Verb Notes (Handwritten)

Verb Examples Practice (Handwritten)

JH ONLY - Adjective & Adverb Notes (Handwritten)

JH ONLY - Kinds of Sentences Notes (Handwritten)

JH ONLY - Preposition Notes (Handwritten)


Vocabulary Section:

Free Rice Bonus Assignment (can be found on the Free Rice link)

Free Rice Due Dates (can be found on the Important Dates link)

JH ONLY - Scope Running List of Vocabulary (Handwritten)

JH ONLY - "Our World Turned to Water" Vocabulary

HS ONLY - "Cask of Amontillado" Vocabulary (Handwritten)


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