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What does Remind cost?                     

Remind is a safe, simple and free messaging service. Messaging is and always will be free for teachers. Within the US and Canada, subscribers receive Remind messages as SMS messages, emails or Push Notifications. Standard text messaging rates apply.

What makes Remind safe?                     

We know that privacy and security are huge issues in dealing with teacher-to-student and teacher-to-parent communication. We have worked hand in hand with administrators and teachers to build our product based on those concerns.

Here is a bit more detail about our free messaging service and the restrictions we have in place to ensure privacy and safety in hopes that we can help your district re-consider our service.


No exchange of personal information: Remind messages are not sent from personal cell phone numbers. Students/parents who sign up to get messages through Remind will never gain access to a teacher's personal cell phone number, nor will the teacher ever have access to a student or parent’s personal information. (Students and parents opt themselves into messages, the teacher does not add them.)

One-way, broadcast messaging: All Remind messages sent must go to at least three subscribers. No teacher has the ability to communicate directly with one student. This precaution is in place to disallow any form of bullying, favoritism, or inappropriate conversation. For the same reasons, subscribers are not able to send open replies to any messages sent.

Logged communication history: A log of all messages sent are saved in the teacher's account and on our server. These messages can never be edited or deleted. This means an accurate log of communication history will always be at your fingertips should anyone question the content that you have or have not sent.

Server security: Every click, page view, and text message is handled by the Remind application, which is hosted on a cloud platform called Heroku. Their business focuses on server management, scaling and implementing security best practices. If you would like to learn more, Heroku has dedicated an entire page to explain their security provisions, all of which we automatically inherit.

Teachers have been seeing huge benefits from adding text messaging into their teaching strategy. We see increases in homework completion, improved test scores, class participation, parent involvement, and overall student motivation on a regular basis. We would love to find a way to work together to help your teachers feel these same benefits.


English IV Dual Enrollment

English IV

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